Web Development

We love design, we live and breathe it. The design of a Website is often the first impression of your company a person will see. Think of it as your shop window, if the display in the window looks good, people will come into your shop. A Website is very much the same.

We believe simple works best and our clients agree!

Here at The Hype Group, we will go through your exact requirements and ensure you are kept up to date from the initial consult all the way through to launch.

We like to get to know our clients

We’d be thrilled to help you achieve an effective web presence. We can help you with:

  • Bespoke Website Design
    • Built on top of a CMS System or completely bespoke
    • HTML 5 and CSS3
    • Ability to update pages
    • Responsive and mobile friendly
  • e-Commerce Solutions
    • State of the art shopping Website
    • Custom built e-commerce platforms
    • Card processing & PayPal solutions
    • Responsive and mobile friendly

The development process is made simple

Initial Consult – Step 1

You’ve been in touch and we are keen to get started on your project. We will chat with you via phone or email,discussing what you’d like to achieve with your new project. we will look at similar projects that inspire you and learn as much as we can about your company. At this initial stage, we’ll gather as much information as possible before going away and leave you in peace for a few of days while we work on Step 2!

The Plan – Step 2

Now we’ve gotten to know you and what you’d like to achieve, we’ll first decide on the best approach. We’ll write up details of our chat and layout key features needed. We’ll get all this done and pop over to enjoy a cup of coffee and present the idea to you. If you’re happy with the ideas we’ve come up with and would like to go ahead, we can then decide on a price we are all happy with and sign off on the initial stage of the project. At this point we’ll ask you for a 25% down payment and agree on a timeframe.

Alpha Stage – Step 3

Things start to get exciting now, we’d of showed you many screenshots of progress to wet your appetite, but this is the first time you and your team will get to have a look around the almost completed version of your project. This is the best time in the process for us, as we get to enjoy your reactions to our interpretation of your vision. We’ve no doubt you’ll have further feedback and ideas at this stage and are happy to hear them! After yet another cup of coffee, we’ll go away and make the changes and begin preparations for the next stage.

Beta Stage – Step 4

The first semi-live version of your project will now be ready. We would of gotten everything working by this stage and usually ask you to give the staging URL of the project to a few of your loyal customers or staff to get some feedback. This is a big step and a nervous one for everyone involved. If your customers/staff approve and you are happy with the changes from the Alpha stage, we can begin preparations to go live. This generally involves setting a date in stone. Some customers have launch parties, some have launch offers, whatever you decide we’ll be on hand every step of the way to ensure this goes as smooth as it can.

Go Live – Final Step!

Exciting day! The nerves will be high, the atmosphere electric, and the tension mounting. 0 hour, the time is here. Your project is now live! We’ll break out the champagne (we’d of had enough of coffee by this point) and toast to the future success of your site. We’ll always be on hand throughout the first month of the site going live, monitoring performance and ensuring everything runs as it should.