Hosting Solutions

We have the skills and expertise for hosting your content on our secure, fast & resilient infrastructure. From a simple website to an app with thousands of users per hour, we have the ability to scale our solutions to meet your requirements.

Shared Hosting

Looking for a solution for your blog or just an online presence for your company? Then shared hosting is for you. Hosted using award winning technology and software such as cPanel, along with our generous and affordable plans means we are well positioned to help with your shared hosting needs. With our dedicated Load Balancer, “Athena”, we eliminate bottle necks before they become an issue. We have the ability to route your traffic to any of our other live mirrored servers, to ensure your content is delivered to the user as quickly as possible.

Dedicated Hosting

Getting ready for a major product launch? Expecting your latest news article to go viral? Then Dedicated Hosting is for you. With our range of powerful servers from Europe’s largest infrastructure provider, we can customise a server to meet your needs. You share nothing, which means you can utilise every single MB of bandwidth and all the servers capacity. Our team can help you every step of the way and using our live monitoring platform, can alert you to potential problems and respond before they happen.


We use industry standard AES256 encryption, to keep our information secure. To help you, we offer SSL encryption (https) on all your domains and sub-domains, included in your package, even if you don’t buy your domain from us!


All our servers are powered by the latest Intel Xeon Octocore Processors with 32GB of ram, each complimented with SSD Hard Drives. Together with our load balancer, Athena, we are able to route traffic to any one of our 4 servers, which each hold an exact live copy of your data. Should anything go wrong with our server (it’s rare but can happen) Athena knows and automatically routes traffic away from that server and utilises another in the cluster



We came from exactly the position you are in now, a consumer looking for a decent hosting provider. We built our hosting platform from the ground up to be completely safe. All files are scanned on upload and if anything is flagged up, it is logged and deleted immediately. Our admins are notified, who then make direct contact with the user. One users actions cannot affect another, if User A managed to get something past our Anti-Virus, their actions are isolated and cannot spread around the server to another user.


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