Branding – What is it?

Branding is a part of everyday life. You drink Smart Water, you check Facebook on your iPhone, you buy a coffee from Costa, you eat your lunch at Subway and you watch Sky on your Sony TV.

We listed a few brands above that everyone knows and could recognise even a tiny bit of their logo pretty much instantly. This is all to do with Branding. A good brand will stick with people and those very people will talk about your brand.

The mouse mat on your desk, who gave it to you? Your pen, who gave that to you? Your phone, did you choose that because you love the brand?

Branded Promotional Material

The Hype Group have years of experience helping customers establish a recognised brand, working with major spares providers, manufacturers & charities. Creating promotional branded material is a great way to get your name in front of consumers.

Pens, keyring, flash-drives, notepads, calendars, mouse-mats & mugs are some common items we brand for our customers. Items people use everyday.

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